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Zero obligation. Tell us about your property, receive our cash offer, and decide with no pressure. It is completely your choice. We respect your decision and your peace of mind.

The real estate agents list and hope to sell properties, taking months and a cut from the sale. We do not list; we buy your house in California with cash, often in days. We take the risk of repair and sale, not you.

Not at all. That is our advantage. You pay no fees or commissions. We buy your house, covering closing costs too, and earn our keep by renovating and selling at a profit. You get to walk away free of the property and its payments, often with cash in hand.

We are transparent: we assess the property’s location, needed repairs, its current state, and comparable local home sales. Considering all these factors, we propose a fair price that suits both of us, especially since home values are still recovering from market hits.

We aim for a fair discount on properties since we need to profit by reselling them. But we offer convenience: quick cash payments, fast closings without financing delays, and no need for repairs or agent fees from you. If a speedy, effortless sale at a fair price sound good, we are ready to make a win-win offer.

We are direct buyers, not agents. We do not list houses – we purchase them if they fit our criteria. After buying, we might renovate and resell to a new homeowner or keep it as a rental.

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