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What Paperwork Is Required for Selling a House Without a Realtor in California?

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What Paperwork Is Required for Selling a House Without a Realtor in California?


Preparation of the essential paperwork for selling a house without a realtor in California is necessary to complete this objective effectively. This ‘For Sale by Owner’ or FSBO paperwork is required to transfer the property between the buyer and seller. In addition, selling a home in California FSBO is a more profitable technique if applied correctly. Moreover, it can reduce the significant amount of fees and commissions demanded by real estate brokers.

However, ‘FSBO California’ requires considerable time and effort to understand California laws for selling a home and accomplish this objective for the first time. Follow this ultimate guide to learn the essential paperwork for selling a house by owner.

What Does FSBO Mean?

A profitable method of selling your home by the owner is FSBO. In California FSBO, you will accomplish everything a real estate agent does on your behalf. FSBO paperwork, setting a fair cash offer for your home, and advertising it to gain maximum exposure are the most crucial factors of this process.

Moreover, you will choose potential cash home buyers to close the deal. Using FSBO will help you save realtor commissions and fees. Selling a home in California by hiring a cash home buyer is a challenging task with less income gains.

Therefore, we recommend understanding the California laws for selling a home and closing the deal by owner. However, before choosing this option, ensure you know its benefits and drawbacks.

Essential Paperwork for Selling a House Without a Realtor in California

Below is a list of all the necessary paperwork for selling a house by owner:

Original Sales Contract

The documents date back to the time you bought the house. To prevent title complications, the buyer may ask for a duplicate of the document, however it is not usually required.

Property Survey

Property survey defines the borders of your real estate, including the boundary lines that belong to you, the edge of your property, and the locations of any other buildings. Typically, the prospective buyer requests property surveys.

Mortgage Statement and Required Loan Paperwork

Upon request, you can obtain a mortgage statement from your loan provider. This report will inform you how much of the proceeds from the sale of your property will go toward repaying your lender if you fail to repay your missing mortgage in full. You should also have documentation of any further loans you may have taken out for your house.

Latest Utility and Property Tax Bills

The bills help the buyer get an estimate of the price they should expect to spend after closing on the house.

Certificate of Residence

A legal document confirming that your residence is appropriate for living conditions. A certificate of occupancy is something you may get from the municipality where you live. Your status is based on observing local building regulations and safety precautions.


Title is vital to establish that the property is yours to sell and to give the buyer ownership of it when the sale is finalized.


A warranty benefits the buyer to understand whether you have any freshly installed appliances or furnishings that are still covered by warranty, since this will enhance the sales worth.

Homeowners’ Agreements

Agreement paper should be presented if your community has any laws governing this region, such as those regarding parking spaces, silent hours, or pets.

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When you sell a house as a homeowner, ensure that the required paperwork for selling a house without a realtor in California is accomplished. Selling your home by the owner can be beneficial if applied accurately. However, if you are executing this objective for the first time, it can cost you time and stress. Therefore, consider selling your house by hiring an expert real estate agent. They assist in listing, advertising, and closing the land sale deal. Moreover, they will guide you through the legal considerations and complications of selling your land in California.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Specific parameters must be addressed when selling a house as an owner. These include making a comparative market analysis of your home to know its fair market value and listing it on a marketing listing service to attract buyers.

If you have disclosed your home's significant flaws to sellers in California, you are in accordance with the law. The form guarantees that you have been open and honest with the buyers.

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