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How Do You Sell Your Inherited House in California?

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How Do You Sell Your Inherited House in California?


Inheriting a house brings financial and emotional difficulties. People with a home wish to sell their inherited house in California. The following blog will assist you in understanding and handling the multiple aspects of selling an inherited property. Whether you’re considering selling to Neighborhood Home Offers or using traditional methods to sell an inherited house, we provide you with the knowledge and understanding you need to make the right choice for your particular situation.

Understanding Inherited Property

Before selling a house in Los Angeles, California, you should know the ins and outs of inheriting a property. Any real estate or possessions you have inherited from a deceased family member or close friend are referred to as inherited property. When someone dies without a legal will, inheritance may result from state intestacy laws, trusts, or willpower. No matter how you ended up inheriting the property, it’s critical to know the motivations behind and effects of doing so.

Understanding the California Inheritance Law

When handling inherited property in California, knowing the state’s inheritance laws is vital. These regulations influence the distribution of assets following a person’s death and can significantly affect the sale of inherited property.

Intestate Succession

When an individual dies without leaving a will, their assets are distributed according to the terms of intestate succession. The foundation of California’s intestate succession laws is the idea of community property. It holds that possessions acquired during a marriage are regarded as belonging to both spouses equally. In Riverside County, California, all community property is given to the surviving spouse upon death without a will. Assets obtained before marriage and those received as gifts or inheritances during the marriage are distributed differently as separate property.

Probate Process

Following a person’s passing, the probate process is a legal procedure that aims to authenticate their will, pay off any remaining debts, and distribute assets to their legitimate heirs. If the entire worth of an estate in California exceeds $166,250, probate will be necessary unless the assets are kept in a trust. The court will designate an executor or administrator to oversee the estate of the dead during the probate procedure. This individual is in charge of inventorying the assets, taking care of any unpaid bills or taxes, and allocating the remaining assets to the heirs by the terms of the will.

Estate Taxes

There is no state-level estate tax in California. Federal estate taxes, however, can still apply to estates. In 2021, a single person’s federal estate tax exemption is $11.7 million, while married couples’ exemption is $23.4 million. This implies that federal estate taxes may apply to the deceased’s estate if its overall worth surpasses specified thresholds.

Capital Gains Tax 

Consider the possible capital gains tax effects when selling an inherited home in California. A capital gains tax is imposed on the profit from the sale of an asset, such as real estate. The difference between the property’s sale price and the cost basis is used to compute capital gains tax. Usually, the fair market value of an inherited property at the time of the original owner’s passing serves as the cost basis. The “step-up on basis” rule applies here. Due to the stepped-up base, the successor may have a much lower capital gains tax obligation because the tax will only be applied to the value rise after the inheritance.

Preparing The Inherited House For Sale

Get the inherited home ready for sale after you’ve understood the legal procedures and decided to sell it. Attracting potential buyers and getting a reasonable sale price can be significantly impacted by adequately preparing a home for sale.

Assessing the House’s Condition

Evaluating the condition of an inherited home is the first step in getting it ready for sale. This entails looking over the property to see what needs to be updated. The roof, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and structural integrity are familiar topics to assess. Hiring a professional house inspector can be beneficial for evaluating the state of the property. A comprehensive inspection will give you a comprehensive report detailing any problems that need to be fixed, enabling you to decide on repairs and enhancements with knowledge.

Make Repairs or Sell As-Is

You will need to determine whether to sell the inherited home for cash or to make repairs once you have a complete picture of its conditions. Your financial status, the nature of the local real estate market, and the possible return on investment for any repairs or improvements will all play a significant role. Sometimes, a property’s worth can be significantly increased, and its appeal to a wider range of buyers can be substantially improved by performing simple repairs and cosmetic changes. Selling the house as-is, however, can be a more sensible choice if it needs major renovations or if the neighborhood market is weak.

Obtaining a Property Appraisal

Getting a property evaluation is essential to set a fair price for your inherited California property. To ascertain the fair market worth of the property, an expert appraiser will consider its size, location, state, and any upgrades or additions. Proper preparation can significantly impact the selling price of a Californian inherited home. You’ll be ready to draw in prospective buyers and get a reasonable sale price if you evaluate the property’s condition, make thoughtful repairs or sell it as-is, stage the house, and get a property evaluation.

Traditional Selling Options

There are a few conventional selling methods to consider when selling an inherited house in San Bernardino County, California. Every alternative has pros and cons, and your best decision will rely on your particular situation and objectives.

Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Working with an expert agent is one of the most popular strategies for selling an inherited Inland empire, California property. From getting the house ready for sale to closing the deal, an expert agent can help you every step of the way. Although there may be drawbacks, using a real estate agent to sell an inherited house can have several benefits. They offer insightful advice on how to price, market, and deal with the sale of your property. They also guide the negotiation process to get the best potential deal and recommend upgrades to raise the property’s worth.

For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

Selling an inherited home yourself is another possibility, referred to as For Sale By Owner (FSBO). Although this method can cut commission costs, it will take more time and work. There are benefits to selling an inherited house using the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) approach, but there are drawbacks as well. The possible savings on real estate agent commission fees are among the most significant advantages of managing the transaction yourself.

Ready to Sell Your Inherited House in California?

If you inherited a house in California, you may feel overwhelmed by its costs. How to sell it quickly and easily without dealing with repairs, commissions, or fees. That’s where Neighborhood Home Offers come in. We are a local company that buys houses in any condition, for cash, in as little as seven days. We will handle all the paperwork, closing costs, and hassle for you. You can walk away with money in your pocket and peace of mind. To get started, fill out the form or call us. 


After Inheriting a house in California, you may wish to sell it as soon as possible. Before starting the process, try to understand the inheritance laws. Prepare your home for selling with some repairs. You may follow a traditional way, like hiring an agent to sell your house in California.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are ways to avoid or reduce capital gains tax on inherited property in California, such as selling the property as soon as possible so the sale will be classified as a short-term capital gain and taxed at a lower rate.

If you inherit a house in California, you may have to go through a probate process to transfer the ownership of the property. Probate is a legal validation of the deceased person's will and distribution of the estate among the heirs and beneficiaries.

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